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What is a Chroma Key Screen?
  For a Chroma Key Screen there are basically three different options blue, green, and Chromatte. Each Chroma Key Screen has it's advantages; blue is the color opposite of skin tones and blond hair making it a better choice if you can control what your talent wears. Green tends to be more common because if you can't control what people are going to wear you are going to be safer with green because people wear more chrominant blue than green (except on St. Patrick's Day). Chromatte is a completely different means of keying altogether using reflective fabric and a circle of LEDs on the camera to generate the chrominance, the advantages to this are that the talent can be flush against the material (there's no spill) and the keying can happen in comparatively low light conditions.

Blue screen Vs. Green screen
  A frequent topic of debate is which color is better for Chroma Key Screen; blue or green. Traditionally video cameras and film have been more sensitive to blue light making a key easier to pull than green. However this is not as true as it once was and the fact that green has a higher reflectance spectra yielding more candela (basically it's brighter) makes this facet of the debate nearly irrelevant. Now spill is another matter, and having a keyer with spill suppression like Ultimatte or Ultra or Ultra Keyer makes a big difference here. Blue spill tends to be a bit more visibly agreeable than green spill (again because the green yields more candela meaning more light is spilling onto your talent), but again a keyer with spill suppression will alleviate this. The final answer usually depends on whether you can control what your talent wears or not.

  Reflecmedia's Chromatte is a Chroma Key Screen that takes the whole issue of blue and green to another level adding in gray. But in fact that's not what the camera sees, the camera sees the material as the color of the LEDs around the camera blue or green. Click here for more info on Chromatte.