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Chroma Key Software

Check out our virtual set software for 3d camera moves and chromakeying: intensiKey

Virtual Set Software

When it comes time to Chroma Key Software choosing the right software is important; each has it's strengths in key and workflow. Chroma Keying in software generally implies a post production process. Ultimatte, the reigning champ of hardware keyers, weighs in strongly in post as well with AdvantEdge, a plug in to Photoshop, Digital Fusion, After Effects and many more programs. A relative newcomer to the chromakeying arena, Serious Magic's Ultra Key is a stand alone program featuring revolutionary ease of use and high quality keying of DV footage (something typically not thought possible). Most compositors like Digital Fusion and Combustion come with excellent keyers as well and offer an integrated compositing environment. There are many different options when it comes to Chroma Key Software and each has it's advantages listed below.

Chroma Key Software: Ultra
  Ultra KeySerious Magic's Ultra Key is a turnkey Chroma Key Software program designed from the ground up to deal with day to day virtual set tasks and keying on the relatively difficult to key DV footage. Ultra Key features a one button key setup makes keying ease even for a novice. Ultra also adds the ability to pan and zoom on footage right within the program allowing for virtual camera moves making Serious Magic's Ultra Key a one stop powerhouse for virtual set compositing and chroma keying.
Chroma Key Software: Compositors
  Digital FusionMost compositors like After Effects, Digital Fusion, Combustion, and Shake come with some sort of Chroma Key Software built in. Most of the compositing in the virtual sets seen in these videos were done in Digital Fusion using it's Ultra Keyer (not to be confused with Serious Magic's Ultra Key). Doing virtual sets in a compositing program gives you the most control over your chromakey and your virtual set, allowing you to add garbage mattes, multiple layers of foreground and background.

Chroma Key Software: Nonlinear Editors
  While not the first choice for discerning compositors, most nonlinear editors today like Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Avid, Vegas, Video Toaster, Edition, and Edius also have a built in Chroma Key Software and provide a level of convenience as well because the compositing is happening right within the software they are editing in.