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Welcome to Chroma Key Tv
  As our name says, this site is all about Chroma Key; "The process of overlaying one video signal over another, the areas of overlay being defined by a specific range of colour, or chrominance, on the background signal" (Quantel Digital Factbook).
We've collected some information on Chroma Key Virtual Sets below, a staple to an chromakeyer's arsenal. If there is any additional information missing from these pages that you think is relevant, please feel free to send an email to
Chroma Key Virtual Sets
  Chroma Key Virtual Sets are used frequently in chromakeying as backgrounds. A Chroma Key Virtual Sets is simply an animation played behind your chroma keyed talent. Chroma Key Virtual Sets are great for head shots and medium shots for interviews. There are a lot of Chroma Key Virtual Sets libraries available like Virtual Set Works library of virtual sets. Products like these can be great for polishing up an otherwise boring interview.
Chroma Key Virtual Sets in the field
  Using Chroma Key Virtual Sets for mobile chromakeying applications is a great solution. You can take a product like the Chromatte Chromaflex which is a very portable lightweight chromakeying solution which, unlike traditional chroma key techniques, requires very little lighting to use making it perfect for chromakeying on the go. One would simply take a Chromaflex with them to the interview and bring back the unkeyed footage and Chroma Key a Chroma Key Virtual Sets behind the interviewed talent with whatever chroma keyer is being used in the studio like an Ultimatte or Serious Magic's Ultra Key.

Best Use Of Your Chroma Key Virtual Sets
  Having a large collection of Chroma Key Virtual Sets is necessary if you do lots of chromakeying of tight and medium shot interviews. Diversity of Chroma Key Virtual Sets helps assure that you will have a background to fit the topic, yet not overwhelm the talent and draw focus away from the subject. Chroma Key Virtual Sets should also loop seamlessly in order that viewers never see a jump in the image behind the talent.