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What is a Globecaster?
  As our name says, this site is all about Chroma Key; "The process of overlaying one video signal over another, the areas of overlay being defined by a specific range of colour, or chrominance, on the background signal" (Quantel Digital Factbook).
Final Cut Pro is hands down the most common chroma keying application on the mac, and while Shake might be a better tool to do it in, many more people experience the joys and difficulties of chroma key with their Final Cut Pro. If there is any additional information missing from these pages that you think is relevant, please feel free to send an email to
Globecaster and Virtual Sets
  The Globecaster has several key features for live virtual set production; it has multiple configurable inputs to take a variety of cameras. The Globecaster has a quality Chroma Keyers, which while lacking in spill suppresion, works well with Chromatte which has no spill. A DVE and DSK (Down Stream Key) are built into the Globecaster, this makes the Globecaster able to scale the talent into the set and place foreground objects in front of the talent. Globecaster makes virtual set production a breeze by allowing you to cut from one composite angle to another on the fly. The Globecaster also has reflection and refraction capabilities found nowhere else in a virtual set system.
What is a Virtual Set?
  A Virtual Set uses green screen keying to create a set or stage that isn't real, and in some cases could not be. Virtual Sets are ideal for situations where a real set is too expensive because of either space, location, or materials cost. Building a football stadium would be very expensive. Building a football stadium made of gold on the moon would be impossible, but not with a virtual set. A small stage covered with green screen, Final Cut Pro, and adequate lighting is all that's needed to put your talent anywhere your imagination wants to put them.