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Welcome to Chroma Key Tv
  As our name says, this site is all about Green Screen; "The process of overlaying one video signal over another, the areas of overlay being defined by a specific range of colour, or chrominance, on the background signal" (Quantel Digital Factbook).
On this site we've collected information, content, software, and links to other relevant green screen resources. If there is any additional information missing from these pages that you think is relevant, please feel free to send an email to
What is a Green Screen?
  A more basic answer than the Digital Factbook gives is having talent stand in front of a blue or green screen and then use a device (hardware or software) to remove that color and replace it with another image or video source. This gives the illusion of the person being somewhere else, and it's a more common technique than you might realize. Not only is the weather man being keyed in front of a green screen, but more and more often field correspondents and even newscasters are Green Screened.
What is a Virtual Set?
  A Virtual Set uses green screen keying to create a set or stage that isn't real, and in some cases could not be. Virtual Sets are ideal for situations where a real set is too expensive because of either space, location, or materials cost. Building a football stadium would be very expensive. Building a football stadium made of gold on the moon would be impossible, but not with a virtual set. A small stage covered with green screen and adequate lighting is all that's needed to put your talent anywhere your imagination wants to put them.  
Live or Post?
  A Virtual Set can be done either live or in post production, each has advantages and disadvantages. In a live production with something like an Ultimatte chromakeyer or the keyer in a switcher the two main advantages are that your talent can see where they are going and you can light your talent for the set they are in. So your talent doesn't walk through a pillar or desk and lighting can be fine tuned to match the image they are being green screened over.
In post the main advantage is control over your virtual set. You can use a wider array of tools available in the various compositing and nonlinear editors to green screen, color correct, and even pan and zoom on the composited virtual set.