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Widestudio standard bundle - $5620
  16'x10' Wide Studio drape with LiteRing kit. Includes Wide Studio Curtain, LiteRing, Power Supply, Controller, and Adapter.
The Wide Studio is perfect for medium sized productions working in anamorphic 16x9, easily capturing 3 or more people from multiple angles the Wide Studio is ideal for most productions.
Chromatte is the ultimate chromakey solution. Chromatte is a replacement for your traditional blue/green backdrop and works with your existing chroma keyer. Chromatte gives you a variety of advantages including; keying in little or no light, it's easily portable, has no chroma spill, and is excellent for matteing out chairs, desks, and even people.

Chromatte fabric is the core behind the Chromatte techology, in conjunction with the LiteRing, the Chromatte provides the camera a perfectly even blue or green ideal for chromakeying on. The Chromatte Fabric does this by being made up of millions of microscopic glass beads that form hemispherical mirrors; no matter where the light comes from, it always gets reflected back at it's source. Since the light coming from the LiteRings is green or blue, the light reflected back at the camera is green or blue, no matter what lighting conditions exist on the stage. Even pitch black, angled, wrinkled, or crumpled fabric can't dissuade the chromatte fabric from a good key.
The LiteRing is the other half of the Chromatte equation. The LiteRing is a ring of LEDs that mounts on the camera via a threaded plate or adapter. LiteRings come in two colors, Blue and Green to correspond to what color the camera see the Chromatte Fabric as. The LiteRing can illuminate the material up to 60 feet away and more utilizing 158 candela in the Green Litering and 47 in the Blue Litering. The LiteRing mounts onto your camera lens via means of an adapter plate.
The LiteRing connects to a controller which allows you to adjust the intensity of the Litering. This allows the LiteRing to work at different light levels and distances from the material. The controller plugs into a power supply included in any kit. The plug is a standard 4 pin xlr power jack delivering 12v which is compatible with most field camera battery kits.
The LiteRing Adapters come in many different sizes to accomodate most lenses. The lens of your camera may have a number in millimeters followed by a O with a \ through it to indicate this is a measure of diameter, this is not to be confused with focal length which is usually two numbers in millimeters. Adapters come in sizes from 40mm to 127mm in common lens sizes and are made out of aluminum. These adapters screw into the threading on the front of your lens. Not all lens have threading, for those there is a special kind of adapter that you can purchase seperately.