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Welcome to Chroma Key Tv
  As our name says, this site is all about Chroma Key; "The process of overlaying one video signal over another, the areas of overlay being defined by a specific range of colour, or chrominance, on the background signal" (Quantel Digital Factbook).
On this site we've collected information, content, software, and links to other relevant Chroma Key resources. The Litering is a component of the Chromatte system, it is the ring of LEDs that shines onto the material. If there is any additional information missing from these pages that you think is relevant, please feel free to send an email to
What is Ultra Key?
  If you are looking for Ultra, you should try the intensiKey 3D Virtual Set Software.

Ultra Key features a high ease of use with a one button key feature. Ultra Key is a stand alone program for windows PCs which can take in DV or uncompressed footage and chroma key it over a background. Ultra Key has some features only found in high end chroma keyers like spill suppression and matte choke. Ultra Key is ideal for people looking to chroma key DV or HDV footage because of it's unique algorithms to deal with the loss of color resolution associated with DV. Virtual Sets are a natural application for Ultra Key because it feature the ability to pan and zoom on the composited chroma keyed images. Check our libraries of virtual sets for Ultra Key here
Serious Magic Ultra Key features

With direct support for 16:9 and anamorphic widescreen sources, Ultra Key now supports HD and HDV cameras including 1080i, 1080p, and 720p with support for a variety of standard frame rates including 24 fps. With Ultra Key, users with more recent graphics cards can dramatically increase output speed by shifting rendering demands to the graphics processing unit (GPU). Using GPU-based processing, Ultra Key can typically perform complex compositing in real time at HD-resolution and faster than real-time at standard definition (depending on system configuration and file types).

"Using the NVIDIA GeForce 6 GPU, Serious Magic provides an unprecedented level of HD performance," said Scott Vouri, general manager of multimedia at NVIDIA. "Featuring a full 4:4:4:4, 128-bit, floating-point processing engine, Ultra Key achieves real-time processing even with the most demanding HD-resolution content--something previously reserved for expensive, hardware-only solutions."
More Realistic Keying Results

Realistic shadows are essential to effective keys but setting up shots with special lights to cast detailed shadows for keying is time-consuming and laborious. Ultra Key adds the ability to insert virtual shadows and includes options to adjust the shadow's size, perspective and transparency. When using photographic or rendered backgrounds, users can also insert virtual reflections into their scene to show an inverted image of their keyed talent such as standing on a marble floor.

When shooting a talent, many videographers only utilize the center of the screen area causing much of the shot's screen resolution to be wasted. Ultra Key's new Plus-90 Mode allows the video camera to be rotated 90 degrees to capture the entire subject and utilize the maximum resolution. Using this clever mode, a standard definition camera can create a high-resolution key that will increase subject resolution up to 33% in 4:3 and nearly 50% in 16:9.

Ultra Key expands on ULTRA's input cropping function with a powerful mask painting function that allows users to mask arbitrary areas of the input source with a simple soft-edged brush. This feature enables users to create complex garbage mattes to handle difficult shots.
High Quality Output

For graphics cards that support larger resolutions, Ultra Key offers support for high-resolution stills up to 4096 x 4096 allowing digital images to be used as high definition input sources and backgrounds. With image support for .bmp, .jpg, .psd, .png, .gif, .tiff, .tga, and .ppm files, users can export high resolution keyed stills for further editing or output to print or Web.

Ultra Key is more versatile when working with compositing applications or exporting to popular non-linear editors. It seamlessly integrates with compositing tools that prefer numbered still image sequences instead of video clips such as Adobe® After Effects™, Discreet® Combustion™ and Pinnacle® Commotion™. Users can now input and output to Apple® QuickTime™ as well as input Avid® .MXF files and output Macromedia® Flash™ files.

Ultra Key can be bundled with Virtualsetworks virtual sets.