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Welcome to Chroma Key Tv
  As our name says, this site is all about Chroma Key; "The process of overlaying one video signal over another, the areas of overlay being defined by a specific range of colour, or chrominance, on the background signal" (Quantel Digital Factbook).
On this site we've collected information, content, software, and links to other relevant Chroma Key resources. The Litering is a component of the Chromatte system, it is the ring of LEDs that shines onto the material. If there is any additional information missing from these pages that you think is relevant, please feel free to send an email to
What is a Virtual Background?
  The virtual background is fast becoming a common means of television and film production. A virtual background uses green screen chromakeying to create a set or stage that isn't real, and in some cases could not be. An actor or talent stands in front of or on a green or blue stage and a piece of hardware or software called a chromakeyer like an Ultimatte removes the color and replaces it with an image generated by a computer. This image is called a virtual background, which can be designed by an in house designer, a company that specializes in virtual set design or you can buy a virtual background online. virtual background are ideal for situations where a real set is too expensive because of either space, location, or materials cost. Building a football stadium would be very expensive. Building a football stadium made of gold on the moon would be impossible, but not with a virtual background. A small stage covered with a green screen or blue screen and adequate lighting is all that's needed to put your talent anywhere your imagination wants to put them.  
Virtual Background Chromakeying

Getting a good even color behind the talent is the first step in chromakeying, this usually requires a chromakey backdrop in the form of cloth or paint. Chromakey paint can be picked up at hardware stores or lighting places like Studio Depot (Burbank, Ca), green cloth can also be found many places. Some companies sell blue or green pop up chromakey backdrops which travel easily and popup like a windshield shade.
Another alternative is Chromatte, a unique retroreflective material which is gray to the eye, requires little or no light, and casts no spill on the talent because the material is gray to the naked eye. But to the camera it sees it as a perfect blue or green. This is because of the Litering, a ring of LEDs around the lens which casts blue or green light onto the Chromatte material. Chromatte is also very portable in the form of a Chromaflex, a 7x7 popup which folds down into a 3 foot hoop.